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picture of PhoebePeople ask why I'm called "Mommy Monster." That started when Adam was just a little guy and was worried that monsters would come into the house at night while he was sleeping. So I would tell him that I picture of Kidddidn't allow monsters in the house because they always tromp around with their big, muddy feet on my clean carpet. "But, how can you keep them out?" he would ask. "Because I'm the Mommy Monster, and I'm bigger and meaner than any of them!" I would reply. And I've been the Mommy Monster ever since. Adam is a lot older now, and very embarrassed when I tell that story (sorry Adam).picture of Moo Cow

Adam and I live with our cats Phoebe, Captain Kidd and Moo Cow in a little house in a little neighborhood on the side of a little mountain next to a big city.

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I keep a domain just because I like to know how stuff works. is my personal virtual sandbox. It tends to be filled with whatever toys I happen to be playing with at the time, along with miscellaneous other things like vacation pics and my blog.

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